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Tech Writing

I write articles that show customers what web applications, APIs, and programming languages can do.

At times the writing is geared towards introducing developers to the product and giving them step-by-step examples of how to get started and build. Previously, I have written for audiences that wanted to expand their API usage using React.js, Python, Node.js, Next.js, or plain Javascript.

Some audiences are just starting and may need an explanation of relevant terms in the industry. With any technology, there are a few working parts that need explanation. Below are a few links to articles that introduce basic topics:

How To Use an API with ReactJS

React API Authentication & Authorization

Airbnb API: How to Use the Mashvisor API to Get Airbnb Data


As a developer, I know how helpful it can be to see code that relates to a SaaS product or interacts with an API.

Examples are often the basis for other custom use cases that a developer may be trying to build. Not only do I break down the code in the articles, but I also publish the code on Github. That means the audience can clone, fork, and follow along.

One of my most popular tutorials covered seven different ways to deploy a React app. This repository continues to get forked with traffic from the article.


At the heart of writing technically and tutorials is a love to share. I want others to learn what I have learned. I want them to succeed and find the article helpful. To see a list of many of the articles that I published on client's blogs take a look at the list below.




Below are articles that I have written for other blogs. The majority are programming tutorials on how to use their services with various frameworks or other technologies. Please contact us at for more information or questions on writing services.

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